Francesco Pala Photography

Photographer, Teacher and Writer.

He was born in Cagliari, December 9, 1959-Island of Sardinia - Italy

Francesco-Pala He lived in Jersey Channel Islands, after the age of 17 about two years ; then in 1979 he moved to London, where he lived like a bohèmien, first in Finchley road, then in an old Villa at 65 Eton Avenue NW3 Swiss Cottage up to 1982. At that time a house open to musicians, artists and poets in a cosmopolitan setting. Londoner at heart, first he was mainly interested in music, foreign languages and literature as a self taught person; for short periods between 1977-‘78 he also stayed in Paris. After the middle of ‘80s and ‘90s he traveled in Europe, carryng out some photographic reports in England, France, Spain, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. In addition to photography, he devote himself to the creation of multimedia polimaterials and videos too.
In 1986-’87 he moved back to Alghero Italy and started his work as a teacher.
In 1990 as a frelance photographer he traveled in Asia, especially in India and completed a reportage concerning poetic texts.
In 1997 he married Elis, the sweetest and most extraordinary girl in Alghero; they have a daughter called Alice.
At the moment he is working as a teacher of Professional Technique, at the Azuni Institute of Cagliari -Island of Sardinia, Italy (Touristic and Hotellerie Services, Commercial, Graphic & Photography and Multimedia Communications) ; he also teachs Photography and Adertising Communications Techniques in different Middle and High Schools of Sardinia (Italy) and he is freelance photographer.
He has been associated Member of The Royal Photographic Society since 2013
Bath, England.

Primary and Middle Schools in Cagliari and Loreto (An).
High School Certificate at the” Institute for Hotellerie and Tourism Services” of Sassari as “ Hotel and Tourism operations Technician” - Final Mark: 96/100
In 1985/89 attended University of Sassari, Foreign Languages and Literatures as a working student;
Creative photography studies with the Southamerican artist Prof. Juan Flores de Cabrera- (Loja University Equador) , Mediterranean Centre for linguist and new professions (Sassari);
In 1987-88 , attended European Institute of Design in Cagliari-Advertising Photography studies with the swiss teacher Peter Portnet, Still Photographer . (working student) .
In 1989/92 attended University of Bologna at D.A.M.S Visual Arts studies, as working student as well .
Digital Photography studies with William James Woolf -M.F.A. and CEO Woolf Digital Media and Sardinien Studies.

Bibliography :
Book of Poetry : I Canti del Silenzio-The Chants of Silence,1993 -Published by Cultura Duemila Editrice Ragusa, Italy
“Fragments of Perceptions” , Photobook -Published by EPDO Oristano, Italy 2013
“Indian Notebook-Taccuino Indiano “, Photobook (text in english and italian) Published by EPDO Oristano, Italy 2014
The Fable : “History of little jackdaw called Giacomina”, EPDO Editions Oristano, Italy 2014

Magazines :
Literature International Review :Poeti e Poesia-Poets and Poetry n° 26-Rome 2012
Published by Pages Editions-Edizioni Pagine, Rome
Touristic Review : “ Albergo Italia “n° 77 1996 -Images and text -Magazine Manager :Pantaleone Avellis

Videos :
“ Angels on the beach “(Video-clip) ,1997
“The Flight “ (Short-film) Homage to Stanley Kubrick ,1999
Le Stelle-Stars: Poems and Short Stories-Savona 1987
Literature International Association: The Country of none-Poems and Shorts Sories- Milano, 1993-’94-’95-‘96
Padus Amoenus Antology :”Ten years together”-Poems and Short Stories -Sissa ,Parma
Attimi: New Anthology-Published by Pagine Editions, Rome 2013
Selection of Italian Art: l’Elìte – Published by Salvatore Perdicaro,Varese 1997
Dictionary of ContemporaryArt –1st and 2nd Book- Published by Gavino Usai , Sassari 1988-’99

He made several exhibitions and literary events , including :
1988- Spring Arts Festival (Art-painting, Sculpture, Graphic and Photography) 3rd Prize for Photography- Province Palace,Sassari Italy
1988 -International Academy of Dioscuri-Collective: “Colours Masters of Sardinia” Taranto, Italy
1990 -Spring Arts Festival(Painting, Sculpture, Graphic and Photography) 1st Prize for Photography -Arts Palace Sassari, Italy
1992 ArtExpo California- Convention Center ,Los Angeles U.S.A.
1993 ArtExpo New York -Javits Convention Center, Manhattan N.Y. U.S.A.
1995 Collective at the “IMMA “: photographers of the Black and white Images Photo Gallery designed and presented by the Cultural Photographic Circle “Immagineria” with Maurizio Bianchi, Marco Callisti, Giampiero Lattanzi, Peppe Luciani, Giacomo Mancinelli, Francesco Pala, Giuseppe Silenzi, Giorgio Stachowsky and Andrea Trobbiani- Francavilla d’Ete, Ascoli Piceno Italy.
1999- personal Exhibition at Cagliari University (University Theatre’ Show Room) Landscapes, Nudes, Still-life,Portraits and Photogenic Frames (photograms and luminograms) since 1986 to 1999 -Cagliari, Island of Sardinia- Italy
2005 -143rd International Exhibition of Photography ,Edinburgh Photographic Society- Edinburgh Scotland (U.K.)
2006 -International Exhibition and Competition of Photography : “Golden Click” at International Literature, Music and Photography Award : Padus Amoenus, Sissa (Parma) -Honorary President Maestro Fulvio Roiter ; First Prize for B.W. Photography “Earth Mother “.

You can find other photographs about the Author on facebook Art-Page : Francesco Pala’s Photogenesi or @FrancescoPalaPhotography; in the the web-site: /museum/Francesco Pala fotografo and the Photobooks: "Fragments of Perception" and Indian Notebook-(Voyage en Inde,1990) both published by E.P.D'O. - ,Oristano,11 Bellini Street ; Online Phone: 0783/091915 Italy



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